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Welcome to the Pony Express Territory Media Room. Our public relations division assists journalists in finding unique stories about our territory. We keep information current and factual by providing new and unusual story ideas, resources and referrals, and we also assist with media tours.

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Pony Express Territory events celebrate
Nevada's Sesquicentennial, the 150th anniversary of Nevada's admission to the Union:

"Pony Express Territory to Showcase Top Celebration Events along America’s Loneliest Road"
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100th Anniversary of the Lincoln Highway:

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    Pony Express Territory Press Releases and Photography:


              • Outdoor Adventure
                Hiking, camping, water recreation and more; Nearby Pyramid Lake featured by Apple iPad
                CLICK HERE for press release.


              • Gold Discovery
                First Gold Discovery, earliest town settlement, and first China Town make Dayton’s cultural                 heritage to Nevada most notable; Last film site of Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable
                CLICK HERE for press release.


              • History
               11 sites on National Historical Register and action-packed day trips make
               Austin, Nevada appealing to both adventure seekers and site seers
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              • Birding
                Internationally recognized Lahontan Valley Wetlands,
                a bird-watcher's paradise and home to over 280 species of birds
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              • Eureka Opera House
                Cultural heritage and historic elegance at Nevada's nationally recognized
                Eureka Opera House
                CLICK HERE for Eureka Opera House press release.
                CLICK HERE for Convention Services press release. CLICK HERE for high-res photography.


              • Nevada Northern Railway
                Nevada's last operating railroad is America's best preserved short line operates year-round.
                CLICK HERE for press release. CLICK HERE for high-res photography.

              • Great Basin National Park
                Nevada's diverse high desert life is full of exploration and new found history
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              • 150th Anniversary of the Pony Express
                 As the Pony Express celebrates its 150th birthday, Nevada's route remains
                 a traveling wonder
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Pony Express Territory Fact Sheets:

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